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My name is Jelle Hanse and I use the trade name Dutch 4 Beginners for my Dutch language services. I provide private and group lessons in Nottingham and online via Skype for people looking to learn Dutch.


I was born and raised in the Netherlands and I moved to the United Kingdom in 2005. I am a native Dutch speaker who also speaks fluent English, advanced German, moderate Italian and basic French. I have a keen interest in other cultures, and I love to learn new languages.

My partner is Italian and therefore I am currently learning Italian. As I am studying a language myself, it gives me a good understanding of what language students need from a tutor.

I write and use my own lesson material during the lessons. There is a lot of lesson material out there, but I found that it is not as inclusive and does not explain the reasoning behind grammar. As I am learning a language myself, I find it important to know why something is done in a particular way and therefore I always try to integrate that in my lesson material.


I have been training people for some time and in 2015 I set up my own business – Dutch 4 Beginners – to help people with learning Dutch. Since then, I have taught a wide range of students in Nottingham and via Skype. I have held private lessons, couple lessons, and group lessons.

I hope this has convinced you of my skills, and to start learning Dutch with Dutch 4 Beginners. However, should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

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A lot of my students learn Dutch because they want to move to the Netherlands, to eventually work there. Learning Dutch will be of great use to you when moving to the Netherlands, but there is a lot more to it! In 2017, I launched Dutch 4 Expats, offering expat support services for people looking to move to the Netherlands. If you would like to know more about this service, have a look at www.dutch4expats.com

Jelle Hanse

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