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Are you not in Nottingham, or do you want to learn Dutch from the comfort of your home? Then you should consider learning Dutch online via Skype.

Like face-to-face lessons, the online Dutch lessons via Skype are specifically tailored to meet your needs, whether you just love to learn a new language or because you want to learn Dutch to move to the Netherlands. The Dutch language courses will focus on the subjects that are important to you!

Pronunciation and grammar will always have a central role in your lessons, as it is essential to learning Dutch. What topics we focus on will depend on the reason why you are learning Dutch and what you want to get out of the course. If you are a beginner, the first lessons will focus on pronunciation primarily, however after that, we will also focus on Dutch grammar, reading & writing in Dutch and Dutch vocabulary.

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The same way as a face-to-face lesson in Nottingham, however both of us will be sitting in front of a computer. It follows the same structure as a regular tutorial, but you will receive the lesson material prior to the tutorial. If you want you can still print out the lesson material prior to the lesson.

To have Dutch lessons via Skype, you will need a good internet connection, a good quality camera, microphone, a head set and have installed and set up Skype prior to your first tutorial. You can download Skype here


The normal hourly rate is £ 30.00 per hour, however if you book 5 or 10 lessons in one go, your commitment to learning Dutch with us is rewarded with additional discount. Depending on how many hours you book, you get the following rates:

01 lesson £ 30.00 per person, per hour
05 lessons £ 27.00 per person, per hour
10 lessons £ 24.00 per person, per hour

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Are you new to Dutch 4 Beginners and not sure how many lessons to book? You can always book a taster lesson and try it out first!

Taster Lesson £ 25.00 per person, per hour

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Each lesson takes 60 minutes. The above rates also include;

- The lesson material used during the private lesson
- Homework assignments
- FREE access to our online vocabulary course

Free Online Vocabulary Course with every booked Dutch language course!

For more information about booking lessons, our rates and more, please also read the Terms & Conditions


You can start your Dutch language tutorial at any time of the year. You don't have to wait until the start of a new a course! Just fill in the booking form on this page and before you know it you will be studying Dutch!

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