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Dutch 4 Beginners is a Dutch language school in the East Midlands, that offers face-to-face lessons in Nottingham and online lessons via Skype.

Dutch 4 Beginners is based in Nottingham, however our students come from all over the United Kingdom. So do you live in Reading and would you like to learn Dutch with an experienced Dutch language provider? Then we would like to help you learn Dutch!

Nottingham is too far away to travel, but have you ever considered learning Dutch via Skype? Learning Dutch via Skype works the same way as a face-to-face lesson, however both of us will be sitting in front of a computer. It follows the same structure as a regular tutorial, but you will receive the lesson material prior to the tutorial. If you want you can still print out the lesson material prior to the lesson.

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Dutch 4 Beginners is a Dutch language school. We offer Dutch lessons face-to-face in Nottingham and online via Skype. Find out more about us >>

Is Nottingham a bit too far from where you live? Then try learning Dutch online via Skype from the comfort of your home! >> Looking for an original gift? Would you like someone to try out learning Dutch? Then give them a gift voucher for Dutch lessons in Nottingham or online via Skype! >>